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Disability issues = Election issues

Everyone in Canada has the right to vote. Even people who need support.  Please ask someone you trust about Accessible Voting and click here for more information from Elections Canada. Please watch the video below to learn more about voting.

Also, Inclusion BC has produced a plain language voting guide to encourage participation in the 2015 Canadian Federal election on October 19th


The guide includes:


  • Background and introduction to voting

  • Questions and answers about voting

  • Who can vote?

  • How do I get on the voters’ list?

  • If I am not on the voters’ list on Election Day, can I still vote?

  • Where do I vote?

  • Can I vote on any other days?

  • What if I live in a hospital or group home?

  • What if I need a ride?

  • What if I still can’t get to the polling station?

  • How do I vote at the polling station?

  • What if I need help when I vote?

  • How do I get information about voting?

  • Political parties and their leaders

  • Other ways to participate in the Election

  • Rights and responsibilities

  • What does it mean? (Glossary)

  • You can vote poster


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