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Month: December 2015

Newspaper carriers deliver gift that touched hearts of TC staff

Wendy Sutherland still believes in Santa Claus. She doesn’t read or write and doesn’t really understand money. But she would be distressed to know Santa sometimes can’t bring toys or gifts for everyone, said her father, Ray Sutherland. A few months ago, the 45-year-old woman, who operates on the same level as a five-year-old, became a newspaper carrier. Accompanied by caregiver Maria Batocabe, she delivers 75 copies of TC Extra! Extra! every week. “They’re working hard,” said Tanya Clark, district manager, circulation. “Rain or shine, Wendy and Maria are out there trying to find safe, dry locations to leave the papers.” On Dec. 1, Clark received a letter from Ray Sutherland, enclosing two of his daughter’s uncashed cheques. “It would be Wendy’s wish that the sum of these cheques be deposited to the TC Christmas Fund as Wendy and Maria’s gift,” he wrote. The letter touched the hearts of Times Colonist staff. “It made people cry. For Wendy to be so positive and happy and wanting to do that. It was a really kind thing for her to do,” Clark said. “We know how hard they work and it’s a thankless job. It was her entire month of December profits.”…

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