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Month: March 2016

At $625 a month, the car allowance for a cabinet minister is two-thirds of the total monthly living allowance for a person with disabilities.

Those we elect to lead us profess to be mystified by the ingratitude of people with disabilities who fail to appreciate government’s largesse in ending a five-year freeze in benefits and boosting them to $906 a month. When people showed up at the legislature in wheelchairs to protest the clawback of $52 of the province’s generous $77-a-month increase (it simultaneously cancelled a $45 transit pass) cabinet ministers seemed taken aback. The decision was then framed — you have to love the Liberals’ spin machine in all its callous splendour — as the province just being fair, evening out the benefits field for all those people with disabilities who might not be able, need or want to use transit to improve their quality of life. See, fairness dictates that for those who don’t need transit, it’s important to take the perk away from those who do need it. Then it’s all square. Well, actually, it’s not all square. However it may be spun, it is mean-spirited and shows our representatives to be entitled and utterly insensitive to the daily struggles of blameless people at the low end of the income scale. Let’s see, our lowest-profile backbencher from the riding of South…

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