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Emergency Home Support / Respite Solutions Project – Testing sessions added for families

We have received increased interest from people who could not attend our testing session for families/personal support networks on the Emergency Home Support/Respite Solutions Project. To ensure we hear from as many people as possible, we have added another testing session for those who could not attend the first session.

Thank you to all those who provided input into the early design pieces so far!  What you and other stakeholders (individuals, service providers, home sharing providers and CLBC staff) shared in the first round of testing allows us to improve design elements and address missing pieces before the second/final round of testing.



Date: Tuesday, February 16
Time: 4:30pm – 6:00pm
Location: via Zoom
RSVP: Please contact to sign up for the session

Families and people’s support networks can tell us a lot about what works with emergency placements, what doesn’t work and support the design of preliminary solutions to support the well-being of the people we serve and alleviate pressure on the systems and stakeholders they rely on, including home sharing provider networks. Your input is crucial to the success of this research and design phase so please consider taking part in the session. The project has several phases with a timeline of completion expected in 2023.

Once the preliminary solution design elements are finalized, we will prepare to trial them. After several months of trialing you (and other stakeholders) will be invited to help us reflect on trial learnings so further improvements can be made before scaling up across the province.

Project Phases / Timeline:

  • We are currently in the first phase – research and design – February 2022
  • Trialing preliminary solutions in specific locations in the province  (July 2022 – March 2023)
  • Begin to capture learnings from the trialing (Winter 2022)
  • Begin preparations to improve and implement on a broader scale  (2023)