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Quality Assurance


Integra has been CARF accredited since 2006. We strive to improve outcomes for the people receiving services, regardless of age, complexity of condition, service type or setting in which the services are provided, and to help drive improvements in innovation and quality.

Integra improves outcomes for the people receiving services by monitoring effectiveness of programs and efficiency of services. Over the years, we have developed standards using licensing and accreditation standards, best practices, industry standards, survey data and general contract expectations as guidelines. As a result, we have been recognized for the ability to translate vision into action and deliver on the promises made to the people we serve.

In June 2016, CARF issued Integra another three-year accreditation for the following services:   

Community Housing
Community Integration
Host Family/Shared Living Services
Respite Services
Community Housing and Shelters (Children and Adolescents)

This accreditation will extend through June, 2019.

What is CARF?

CARF is an independent, non-profit organization which focuses on ensuring the services offered by Integra meet the needs of persons served.

CARF reviews and grants accreditation services nationally and internationally on request of a facility or program. Standards are rigorous, so the services that meet them are among the best available. Being accredited is a mandatory requirement under our contractual agreement with CLBC and MCFD, and funding for the accreditation survey is provided directly through Ministry for Children and Family Development.

Accreditation standards are set through CARF, and agencies must meet the standards that are applicable to the services provided. Integra is required to meet these standards under the Employment and Community Services (ECS) and Child and Youth Services (CYS) areas. In 2006, Integra was granted its first three-year Accreditation under the ECS Manual and received recognition for our philosophy of The Essence of Life. We vigorously maintained our Accreditation and successfully achieved a second three-year Accreditation in 2010. We were commended for our commitment to continuous quality improvement. In June 2013, Integra Support Services was successfully awarded its third three- year Accreditation, expiring on June 30th 2016, from CARF International for Community Housing, Community Integration, Respite and Host Family Services. Once again, Integra was noted for its many accomplishments and continued dedication to quality improvement. In 2016, we maintained this accreditation in our current programs and also received accreditation in our CYS services (Community Housing & Shelters), extending to 2019. We look forward to maintaining our high standards and the quality of services we provide in the upcoming years!

Putting People First

We believe in putting people first and making every effort to keep improving what we do.

If you would like to submit a complaint, you can read about our approach to conflict resolution and submit a complaint here. 

For more information about our quality assurance, please contact Kam Judge.




Our Standards

Our standards offer a clear vision and set of expectations, and they provide a blueprint for translating vision into action for the benefit of the people we serve.

Our quality assurance processes track performance and help ensure alignment across all programs and services. These processes include:

  • Internal Audits monitor program compliance with internal standards, external requirements, regulations and contract obligations.
  • Risk Management and Incident Reporting identifies, evaluates and reduces the risks to which the individuals in our care could be exposed.
  • Licensing and Accreditation Reviews support implementation of best practices; action plans for improvement; and compliance with standards.
  • Quality of Care Reviews assesses services provided and individual outcomes.
  • Orientation and Training provides resources, clinical experts, technical assistance and support for program operations.
  • Systems Analysis, Design and Improvement assesses need, evaluates effectiveness, identifies areas for improvement, and provides technical assistance and resources for improvement.
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