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Residential Services

Residential Services

Homes operated by Integra are attractive, well maintained and nestled in various residential neighbourhoods throughout the south and central upper island regions. Our homes are funded by CLBC and referrals are also made by CLBC.

Within each home, Integra team members provide person specific care in order to improve and maintain each person's health and well-being, and his or her ability to live happily and be a part of their community.  The type of support people receive is dependent on specific needs outlined in a Person Centred Plan, Health Care Plan, and other information provided by the family or support network. The information in these plans are updated annually and include information from all available sources so as to provide the most current and accurate details.

The home environment and staffing is structured in a way that blends the preferences, lifestyle choices, and safety requirements of the residents in that home. Homes are staffed by qualified and caring individuals who are trained specifically to respond to the ever changing needs and preferences of the residents.  This training includes, but is not limited to, First Aid/CPR, Medication Administration, the Art of Personal Care, Essence of Home, Developing Living Culture, and may include additional training such as SIVA.

Every home operated by Integra has a highly specialized Coordinator. The Coordinator is most often hands-on, providing direct care to the residents of the home, and a role model providing supportive guidance to the home’s team members. Residential services are managed and monitored for quality assurance by the Director of Residential Services who meets formally with all Coordinators to brain storm, share expertise and maintain a strong supportive team.

We take pride in the quality of our programs.  As with all of our services, our Residential Services are carefully monitored by our quality assurance team that ensures the health, safety and happiness of each person we support. Each person has diverse and genuine opportunities to enjoy life as it is enjoyed by every other citizen in the province.

Each of Integra's residential homes are warm and inviting, offering a range of amenities, including:

Spacious family rooms
Comfortable furniture
Large kitchens
Modern, accessible bathrooms
Personalized bedrooms

Integra's residences offer personalized services, including:

24/7 support
Focus on health, safety, and harmony
Community inclusion
Opportunities for daily activities
Person Centred Planning that includes families
Competent medication administration
Respectful, caring, and skilled staff
Accredited services and high standards
Personalized services and Key Workers

As of April 1, 2019 all individuals receiving monthly Persons with Disability Benefits who reside in Community Living BC (CLBC) funded residential services receive the maximum monthly PWD rate of $1183.42. From this amount, individuals pay the service provider $716.13 towards their shelter and support costs, leaving the individual with the remainder for personal expenses. 

People 65 and over receive Old Age Security/Guaranteed Income Supplement (OAS/GIS) from the federal government. As of April 1, 2016, the shelter and support rate for individuals in receipt of Old Age Security/Guaranteed Income Supplement (OAS/GIS) benefits has changed. Individuals age 65 and over in receipt of OAS/GIS are now required to pay $ 1, 005.80 a month for shelter and support.

→ Community Living BC Individual Financial Payment Policy: Residential Services

→ Information for Families

→ Ministry of Social Development - Payment for Clients

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