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Shared Living – Information for Contractors Handbook Attachments 2016

Section D Resources

Reading for Contractors

The following documents are attachments to your handbook. Please be sure to review them carefully as they outline the expectations set out in your agreement.  

  1. My Rights and Responsibilities – Integra’s Statement on Adult Rights

  2. Employment Standards Fact Sheet on Independent Contractors

  3. Integra Health and Safety Checklist for Home Sharing

  4. Community Living B.C. Behaviour Support & Safety Planning - A Guide for Service Providers

  5. 10 Things You Can Do to Support a Person With Difficult Behaviours - David Pitonyak

  6. Providing Support to Persons who are Functionally Dependent and Emotionally Fragile - Nathan Ory, M.A.

  7. Community Living B.C. Critical Incidents: Service Provider Requirements

  8. Community Living B.C. Standards For Home Sharing (Adults)

  9. Taking Care! A Guide for Caregivers on How to Improve Their Self-Care

  10. Home Share Missing Persons Profile - Please request this from your coordinator.  A completed Missing Person Profile will be printed for you.

  11. Home Share Intake Form - Please request this from your coordinator.  A completed Intake will be printed for you.

  12. WorkSafe BC Booklet: “We’ve got you covered - Personal Optional Protection Insurance”

Additional information:

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