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The following guidelines will remain in effect until further notice.

By 02/05/2021June 20th, 2021Covid-19

“Right now, we need to stay the path,” said Provincial Health Officer Dr. Bonnie Henry. “We need to protect the progress we have made and not squander our progress.”


By order and direction of the Provincial Health Officer (PHO), all events and social gatherings are suspended to significantly reduce COVID-19 transmission related to social interactions and travel.

The order is in effect until further notice.

February 5, 2021

Thank you for your patience as you have been awaiting direction on the new restrictions placed across all regions in the province.

The following guidelines remain in effect until further notice.

  1. We have a mandatory mask standard.
  • Masks must be worn indoors at all Integra locations, outdoors (when supporting individuals), and in vehicles.
  • Masks must be worn during personal care, meal prep and medication administration (also when the support team members are alone).
  • We ask that all team members wear a non-medical/cloth mask at all times. We need to reserve our surgical ear-loop masks for medical related procedures and outbreak supplies. We will provide team members with a mask if they do not have one.
  • Individuals supported who are able to wear a mask, will be encouraged to do so. Those who can not, are exempt from the public health order.
  1. No social gatherings with anyone outside immediate households.
  • At this time, we need to be as vigilant as possible. For our homes, this means planning activities with the individuals in the home.
  • Therefore, indoor visitations will be suspended until further notice. We will not have visitors in the home, nor send individuals supported to other households for visits.
  • We will support individuals to find ways to safely connect with loved ones and peers through virtual connections during this period (calls, emails, Zoom, FaceTime).
  • Going for a walk is permitted provided it does not turn into a group of people meeting outside.
  • There may be exceptions, and each circumstance will be looked at in consultation with the individual and their support network, to ensure psychological health and safety.
  1. No non-essential travel within BC and outside of BC.
  • All residents of BC are mandated to stay within their own regions and refrain from any non- essential travel. If you have questions about essential travel, please connect with us.
  1. All meetings will be virtual.
  • There will be no meetings held in person until further notice. Arrangements will be made for virtual connections.
  1. Community activities should be safe.
  • Teams will plan activities that are safe, and with places/businesses which have thorough Covid safety plans and guidelines. We will avoid places with exposure notices, unclear or absent safety plans and crowded spaces.
  1. Documentation and Reporting.
  • Any individual supported or employee illness/symptoms are reported immediately.
  • Anyone entering the site must complete the daily temperature check and screening.
  1. Continue what we know.
  • We know that cleaning, disinfecting, washing hands, physical distancing and staying home when sick are all key elements which keep the virus out of our communities and homes. Let’s ensure we continue to reinforce the importance of practicing these safety measures.
  1. Be kind, be calm and be safe.
  • We have heard this many times, but it reminds all of us that we need to be patient with each other during this challenging time.

By working together we increase the chances of keeping numbers low on the Island. The PHO has asked us to be as vigilant as we were early on in the pandemic to flatten the curve. It is critical we remain in compliance for the next couple of weeks to increase our chances of having safe holiday connections.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out to any of us.

Thank you and stay safe!
ISS Leadership Team