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We are in Step 2

By 06/15/2021July 8th, 2021News, Covid-19

We continue to see the easing of restrictions across the Province which have offered both a sense of relief and joy, as we plan the weeks and months ahead, and look forward to more increased connection.

Since March 2020, our focus has been to prioritize the health and safety of all members of the Integra Family. From the early days to the most recent update during this pandemic, we have had to be flexible and adaptive with the fluidity of changing protocols and restrictions.

Moving to Step 2 provides promise and hope, while ensuring we all do our part to continue down the path of keeping numbers low, and applying the layers of protection which have reduced the likelihood of exposures and outbreaks.

Many of you have reached out to ask how we will be incorporating the Step 2 plan, reduction of restrictions into our daily practice. You will find this guidance below in the areas applicable to program delivery in our sector. Many of the Step 1 guidance remain, and we hope to provide more updates for July 1 and onwards through the BC Restart Plan.

STEP 2: Effective June 15 onwards (unless otherwise changed by PHO, or as sector specific guidance is released)

Indoor Social Visits

  • While we encourage outdoor social/family visits as much as possible, we continue to schedule indoor visits in safe numbers at Integra operated sites. Each person can have up to three (3) visitors/per visit in their private space (bedroom). We will allow one group to visit at a time, and schedules must be arranged through the Coordinator to ensure no multiple bookings. Visitors are asked to adhere to all safety precautions including wearing masks, completing screening upon entry, washing hands and keeping visits to designated areas. At this time, visits will not occur in common areas.
  • When individuals attend other private sites for social visits, we kindly ask you to follow all the necessary precautions to keep everyone safe. This includes physical distancing when possible, wearing masks indoors and cancelling visits if you are sick or not feeling well.

Outdoor Social gatherings

  • Our preference is for outdoor social/family visits, as we know rates of transmission tend to be lower in larger spaces. This includes visits at Integra sites and in community. We also encourage you to wear masks when it is possible to do so. This action helps keep all the members of the home/program safe. Outdoor visits may now occur in groups larger than 10 and each site must plan with their Coordinator and Director for approval of increased numbers at outdoor gatherings. There may be site specific considerations depending on the size of the outdoor space and individual circumstances.


  • At this time, we will continue to offer virtual meetings as a method of meeting the needs of the persons we support. In person meetings may be approved for certain exceptions.

Layers of Protection

  • All sites will continue to screen visitors/people entering the building.
  • All sites will continue to clean/disinfect multiples times per day.
  • Masks are provided and still remain mandatory indoors.
  • Staff must also wear masks in vehicles and when providing close supports to individuals in community while physical distancing is not possible.
  • PPE is provided for personal care and other support related needs.

We appreciate your adherence to the above related guidance as it has proven to be effective for safety. We know there are still obstacles to overcome in the journey ahead, but there is hope and we look forward to moving towards increased social connections and personal engagement at each step of this plan.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to connect with a member of our Leadership Team.